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Sep 3, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. but is ahead enrolls some video to show us why they're here. >> and when state police found a white cadillac escalade which they found him driving in after it ricard was killed. escalade had been parked for some time in the north shore business park. there's no signs of frederick in the car. police did a thorough check of the park and they found no clues. the trash had already been picked up from the park and that is what led investigators to the landfill to date to look through the trash. looking to 3,000 t of trash. take a listen. >> they have a excavator to sort of material and then of visual search of that as well as with the canines. we continue to be hopeful that frederick solace is alive and well but we also have to continue to follow the lead as they come. >> as you can see search and rescue crews have showed up at the landfill. there is a bit to 25 investigators as well as volunteers. the search is over with today and they will be back. bill continues to stay here so they can go through all of the trash does here and had been collected for a week. they're going to go through 3,000 t
Sep 1, 2010 5:00pm PDT
. >> chemicals that if used they could make explosives. >> written house is not arrested for possession of explosives. >> number in dallas and has been interviewed by police in as you know he had been there will the dead bodies were there. they said to him that not only is the wife and a friend then that they suspected that he might be involved. you have to say it will police won't tell reporters. it will only say that he is not reacting to the way that you would suspect somebody in that situation to act. there we have another situation or we have more questions than answers. reporting live by and temperament for kron4 news. this >> is that car that belonged to one of the vallejo victims. this cadillac escalade belong to. it was seen leaving the home and christine connally is there live with details of the elderly man was beaten to death. christine? >> police now believe they've found a white cadillac escalade in this business park which is just on the outside of hercules. i can show you what they now have going on is a search and rescue operation. you concede the tent set up. the peopl
Sep 2, 2010 5:00pm PDT
, these two women's bodies were found in vallejo. and heather donald shows us how all of these people are connected. >> after efren valdemoro have been taking cindy on to offer two different years if she owned and rented this house. where the sales live and efren valdemoro was inspecting a relationship between frederick. and his body was found beaten in the house. now, read these two women, carole and reebok. those wer tuesday afternoon-we talked. and one police theory is that the police were killed off efren valdemoro because they have been telling cindy to leave him. efren valdemoro had also lived with retell allen and a husband, charles rittenhouse during the past 10 years and charles is now been arrested on suspicion of possession of the explosion possession. and he found that charles was a living on the body of his wife, rita and the other woman was found. >> with live coverage, christine connolly and dan kerman is in a live oak. the two women were discovered, dan?--vallejo crush our guest, this is very different than yesterday. and you can see that there were atf and investigati
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3